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The Alchemist Compass

Oct 5, 2020

Aileen “Ali” Hadaway is an artist and energy worker. She was trained in Atlanta as a Reiki Master and certified Reflexologist, and is an intuitive tarot reader and astrologer. She practices a blend of traditional and modern astrology, with growing emphases on relationship analysis and karmic astrology.
Ali is also a multi-media artist; she is a filmmaker, photographer, painter, and writer, and is now dabbling in digital art. You can follow her on Instagram @astral_aileen or email to inquire about her services.

In this episode we look at the transits currently happening that may be having an influence over the events unfolding in 2020, and likely where all of this is headed in 2020 and beyond for the next few years. Please enjoy this in depth astrological update with Ali Hadaway on The Alchemist Compass!