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The Alchemist Compass

Dec 18, 2020

Cindy Wilson is from Jackson, MS where she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Psychology & Master’s in Counseling from Jackson State University and received her MBA from Belhaven College.  She currently resides in Atlanta, GA as an Author, International Speaker and Social Impact Strategist.  From ideation to implementation, Cindy leveraged an international learning program and has facilitated corporate and university learnings around diversity & inclusion, intersectionality, social justice, acceptance and current events related to adoption and People of Color.

Cindy wrote her book, “Too Much Soul”, to share her unique story about being adopted by an African American family from Seoul, Korea and growing up in Jackson, MS.  Along her journey she has discovered that as unique as her circumstances may be her life resonated with so many others that no longer want to be placed in society’s box of what type of person we should be based solely on the color of our skin, gender, age, religion, etc.  Cindy is well aware that race and culture are very complicated topics to discuss but her hope is that her story will start the conversation.  She believes that our souls are the essence of who we truly are.  Once we discover that within ourselves and others is when we will find the true freedom of being our most empowered, authentic selves!