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The Alchemist Compass

Nov 15, 2018

Jon and Trey discuss writing Evergreen and how the book transformed Trey's life and how it can transform yours too:
- Having faith in yourself.... Some people say spirituality is essential, and it is - BUT at the end of the day it comes down to having faith in YOU and that YOU are backed by the universe if you are following your heart
- The importance of human connection versus isolation... We need connection to thrive, surrounding yourself with those that support YOU
- Learning to trust your intuition... We all have a purpose to fulfill and learning to hear our inner voice clearly and trust it
- Healing your past and letting go of what no longer serves you in your present consciousness... Trey goes through his own journey in discovering and transmuting his own in his book.

-BONUS STUFF: Fun supernatural things from astral projection, synchronicities, to very interesting lucid dreams that happened to Trey along the way on his journey :)